Dalgety District Map and Info


85km. Take the Barry Way at the big round-a-bout in Jindabyne and about 4km south along the road (the Station turn-off), turn left onto Snowy River Way towards Dalgety. Along the way is a very steep downhill section to the Dalgety township. At this point there is a great photo opportunity looking north towards Dalgety.

In Dalgety, turn left after the bridge and head to Berridale then left in Berridale and back to Jindabyne on Kosciuszko Road.
An extension to this is to turn right at Iona Café along Barnes St, travelling 10klms approximately, turning left into Maffra Rd where you will be travelling across the Monaro Plains.

The name Monaro has Aboriginal origins, meaning a high plateau or high plain. Because of the cold temperatures and lack of game it is likely that Aborigines did not stay year around in the higher parts of the Monaro. It is famously known as the treeless plain and many people think this is because it has been over grazed, but this is not the case. It was treeless when pioneers first came to the region. Lhotsky (1835) described the plains in the vicinity of Cooma "The scene all around was composed of undulating downs, long projected hills among them, covered with very few trees." The Monaro Plain is a classic case of how geology and weather affects land use. The soil in the region is thin, the temperatures are cold and the plain falls in a rain shadow area between the Eastern Escarpment and the Snowy Mountains.

You can then return to Jindabyne on Kosciuszko Road.